Welcome To The Liverpool Ocular Oncology (Eye Cancer) Centre

Professor Bertil Damato
Professor Bertil Damato

At the Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre (LOOC), we specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of adult ocular tumours. At the outset, I must emphasize that the word 'tumour' means nothing more than 'lump'. Although we provide an oncology service, most patients coming to our clinic have benign tumours, such as cysts, haemorrhages and naevi (i.e. 'moles'). Just under half of all patients have melanoma, which is a malignant tumour (that is, one which can be life-threatening).

This website is written for you, our patient, as well as your relatives and doctors. The immediate objective of this website is to let you know what to expect when you visit our centre and to help you understand why we do things in a certain way.

Our ultimate aim is to empower you to be more active in managing your own care. We would like you to have a good understanding of your condition and its treatment so that you can let us know your needs and concerns. We would also like you to help us improve our care - by giving us feedback on how we're doing and by making suggestions.

This guide inevitably contains a certain amount of jargon so there is a glossary, which contains all of the terms referred to on this site.

We are very grateful to Joanna Jones and Room 58 for creating this website, free of charge, for the benefit of patients with an eye tumour.

Professor Bertil Damato PhD FRCOphth,
Consultant Ophthalmologist/Ocular Oncologist
Director, Liverpool Ocular Oncology Centre

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